ANOTHER RARE FIND - IKON 45 - The Shondells - Something's Got A Hold On Me 

Well it seems I did it again. Up at 2 am, out in the freezing cold walking up and down the almost empty parking lot I stroll up to one of the only venders actually setting up. There in my sights one lonely plastic container of LPs and 45s mixed together.  I start with the LPs and come up with nothing. I pull out a handful of 45s and there it is. I didn't know what exactly it was I just knew it was an IKON 45. So without even really looking to even check the condition I set it aside. 

It wasn't until I had gotten home later that afternoon and only after I had posted a video on Instagram I was made aware of what I had. Fortunately it was a local musician and serious record collector/digger friend who informed me. He had picked up some really cool vintage amps and I had made a comment on his post. He inquired if I had found any records while out digging. I replied "Check out my latest post" I was quickly made aware that I had found an awesome bit of Sacramento history and he wanted/needed to have it. So long story short it found a new home rather quickly. Below is a link to the audio file. 


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