ANOTHER RARE FIND - IKON 45 - The Shondells - Something's Got A Hold On Me  

Well it seems I did it again. Up at 2 am, out in the freezing cold walking up and down the almost empty parking lot I stroll up to one of the only venders actually setting up. There in my sights one lonely plastic container of LPs and 45s mixed together.  I start with the LPs and come up with nothing. I pull out a handful of 45s and there it is. I didn't know what exactly it was I just knew it was an IKON 45. So without even really looking to even check the condition I set it aside. 

It wasn't until I had gotten home later that afternoon and only after I had posted a video on Instagram I was made aware of what I had. Fortunately it was a local musician and serious record collector/digger friend who informed me. He had picked up some really cool vintage amps and I had made a comment on his post. He inquired if I had found any records while out digging. I replied "Check out my latest post" I was quickly made aware that I had found an awesome bit of Sacramento history and he wanted/needed to have it. So long story short it found a new home rather quickly. Below is a link to the audio file. 


Social Media Take Down & Other Good Stuff! 


So if you've recently tried to visit my personal Facebook account "Timothy Mudbone Tucker" and the IG accounts "@otbvinyl" & "@mudbonelovesmusic" you probably realized my accounts have been hacked and are now disabled.  Hopefully this will be a temporary situation and will resolve it's self soon, if not no worries. Check back here for new account information. Until further notice you can still visit the eBay and discogs stores and the new youtube channel to hear and see the latest finds coming up for grabs. Thanks for your patience as I make my way through this. Check back here for updates.

In other good news the new test presses for the next RysQue joint RR7 have been shipped! Stay tuned for more info.


New Sacramento Label "Capital City Records"  

There's a new label in town formed by Manuel Meza and business partner Mike Ojeda specializing in reissues, OG pressings of Rare Soul and Funk tracks as well as releasing Modern Soul, Funk and more.. The first 45 offering from Capital City  is The Truths Inc.  - "If I Had A Love" a soul dancer which was previously released in the late 2000's in the UK by Hit and Run records and an old school ballad  "Why Then" previously unpublished. "Why Then" was not issued outside of a handful of test pressings, as it was never picked up and distributed by a label.  The Truths Inc. was a band based out the deep south.  Check out  the official preview on the YouTube page.

Pre-order goes live this Sat. morning 8/8/2020 on the Capital City Bandcamp page.

For more info about Manuel Meza you can follow him on his instagram @soulistics_vc

New YouTube Channel 


Things were getting a little crowded and confusing on the main youtube channel. People kept asking about records that were either not for sale or already sold. So I decided to create a new youtube channel designated for only items that are to be sold in the eBay store. The date will be posted on each video. The week the promoted record is to be listed the link will be replaced with a direct link to the actual listing for said record. Hopefully this will give people enough time to review the items and know exactly when they will become available. The page is now up HERE take a look and subscribe! There are a few items up now with more to come. As always thanks for watching and your support! 



New release preview tomorrow!  

New release preview tomorrow! #RYSQUE Reposted from @funkfreaksamsterdam Episode 17 coming up!! Tune it tomorrow at 19:00GMT+2 - The Jewel Box of the week is with Network, Modern Gems with RySque Records and the music of yours truly ❤️

What's New! 

There's a new RysQue 45 in the que and the test presses are in! 

Ben Johnson has taken on the task of cleaning up two more vintage tracks by yours truly and we hope to bring you another RysQue joint for your listening pleasure before the years end. 

The release will feature the songs "Where's The Lick / Never Stop" two vintage Divinity tracks the first "Where's The Lick" is the first song I ever wrote, recorded with keyboardist from then recording artist Radiance Frank Funchess and the second "Never Stop" a collaboration with Freddie Fonk for Veronica.


There are a couple other projects moving forward a new Six Nine records single with J Daw Producer/Dj and member of FunkFreaks Amsterdam due out this fall!


So while out and about I ran into a friend who hipped me to a pop up dig that was going on. He mentioned there was "TOO MUCH FIRE" I was so glad I went. I got to meet Jon Blunck DJ extraordinaire and part owner of "Pressed" a new concept coming to the 916 area, Coffee + Records + Culture. Subscribe here to stay up on the latest Pressed has going on. Check out this weeks DUSTY STACKS episode to see some of the sweet treats I picked up.

You can call him Al aka Alcide - Forthcoming RR 7 Release 

Al Marshall aka Alcide has enjoyed a rewarding career as a drummer, band leader and booking agent in the SF Bay area.  He has performed and recorded with local and nationally known artists including El DeBarge, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Mary Wilson (of the Supremes), Rich Little, Sly Stone, Bobby McFerrin, NDea Davenport (Brand New Heavies) just to name a few.

Alcide has always been an exceptional musician and prolific writer. Over the years I've expressed an interest in possibly releasing some of his work, it was only a matter of time before I nailed him down. Ben and I recently got the opportunity to start going through his catalogue of music. It didn't take long before we both each selected a song "Wish I Neva / Tank Top" for the forthcoming RysQue 7 release. Dripping with the essence of the Minneapolis sound "Wish I Neva & Tank Top" are on two opposite ends of the spectrum musically but will certainly make you move. Alcide's focus when he writes and performs has always been pointed at keeping your fingers snappin and your toes tapping. Look for this limited 100 press vinyl release on RysQue around the end of 2020.