DaVinity - The Game of Life

This month I got a digital release from the DaVinity archives. An unreleased track The Game of Life. 

So the story goes like this. Fred (Freddie Fonk), Veronica and I were kickin it in Fred's living room. At that time we didn't have access to a 4-Track so Fred had found a way to bounce from cassette deck to cassette deck. Only drawback was if you messed up you had to start over from the beginning. I was doodling around on the keyboard and I came up with a synth lick that caught Fred's ear.  Next thing I know Fred pulls out this blue drum machine. I can't remember what it was called but it sounded like a Dr. Rhythm, you know more like noise shots than actual drums and starts playing drums and bass while Veronica and I are goofing around with what we called "Operatic funk" aka goofing around. Long story short with his family coming in and out the front door we had put down all parts and vocals right there in the corner of his living room. We actually recorded this track twice after this initial version but never really captured the fun and emotion in this demo. So, this month's raw and unfiltered offering is the Parliament inspired The Game of Life. 

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