Tim Tucker

Well I finally decided to get back into the studio and start completing some of the music that's been sitting on the hard drives for far too long. I got a hold of Freddie Fonk and Erika "EDL" Lawrence aka my FONKEBONE buds along with James Malone (Keys) Steve Rhetta (Drums) Brad Freeman (Bradwise Beats) and Daniel Wiley (vocals) Pat Olguin (Engineer - Velvetone Studios

For two days we hammered out live versions of 3 new songs scheduled for release in 2020  "I Don't Wanna Be In Love" a duet between Erika Lawrence & Daniel Wiley who sang with me on the 2018 Six Nine release U & I  He joined me in writing this smooth soulful duet with Erika aka EDL of DU-O. Also scheduled for release are the songs "Pretty Girlz" & "Strange One" You can preview us working out the groove to "Strange One" in the video below.  These will all be digital releases with a limited 100 vinyl 7" press. Look for these and other releases scheduled throughout 2020. 


Freddie Fonk, James Malone, Tim TuckerSteve RhettaFreddie FonkErika "EDL"
Bradwise BeatsPat OlguinDaniel Wiley & "EDL"

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