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Well, the short of it is, it's a place where I can release music that's raw & organic not only from me but also music by other creative individuals I've met or had the pleasure of working with.  TIM TUCKER - FAIRY FUNK. 



Edition of 100 

"During the lockdown I decided to use the time to focus on being creative instead of the chaos swirling around me.  Fairy Funk is a compilation of instrumental compositions. My goal was to share my creative process. Many of the grooves contained in the compilation are being developed for future projects. I hope you enjoy hearing these early-stage creations. " 



SOLD OUT - Sam More & J Daw Ft. Tim Tucker / LOVE CRYME

Ti Compro La Luna / More THan Physical

Edition of 30

Clear Vinyl


This single is a split 45 with music from multi-talented producer J Daw featuring Sam More and Tim Tucker & an unreleased Love Cryme track. 

The online limited release of this project will start on Saturday, March 26, 2022 12:00 pm PST.

Sam More & J Daw

J Daw and Sam More met in 2018 in Amsterdam, both expats from Italy with different backgrounds in their own national scene, but with the common dream of a new life outside of their country. From their collaboration comes music with inspirations from Underground Hip-Hop, R&B, Nu Soul, Trap and Drill, where J Daw blends between Producer and Turntablist, and Sam More brings different types of delivery in his Rap. Follow J Daw and Sam More on Spotify.


Ben Johnson and Tim Tucker make up the group LOVE CRYME from Sacramento Ca. The duo started making music in 2010. The track showcased this month is an unreleased track from the two. Follow LOVE CYME & Tim Tucker on Spotify.

EDL/DU-O - 17 / Ooo La La.