SOLD OUT!!! / What's Next?

We have officially SOLD OUT of the new FONK-E-BONE single and I can't thank you enough for the love and support.  You can still download the single with the bonus tracks on the Bandcamp page. We (Fonk-E-Bone) hope to continue to bring you music you can groove too in the future.


Speaking of there is a new RysQue 45 in the que. Ben Johnson has taken on the task of cleaning up two more vintage tracks by yours truly and we hope to bring you another RysQue joint for your listening pleasure before the years end.

The release will feature the songs "Where's The Lick / Never Stop" two vintage Divinity tracks the first "Where's The Lick" is the first song I ever wrote, recorded with keyboardist from then recording artist Radiance Frank Funchess and the second "Never Stop" a collaboration with Freddie Fonk for Veronica.  


There are a couple other project that have been slowed due to current health crisis but are still moving forward and I hope to get those completed soon. A new Six Nine records single, a Fonk-E-Bone self release this time a slow jam, and a split 45 of two local bands I had the pleasure of being in Cherry Pocket Jones and Jelly Brain. As always thank you for your love and support. I'm truly humbled and blessed to have and continue to work with so many talented artist and look forward to bringing you more music in the near future.


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